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Anyone who has been affected by breast cancer in any way is welcome to join us on Saturday mornings at Bryson LaganSports, even if it’s just for a chat and a coffee. Members will be happy to meet and introduce you to the other team members, and if you would like to paddle all equipment will be supplied, just bring a change of clothes and a towel in case you get splashed (but we normally stay fairly dry).

The breast cancer charity Pretty ‘n’ Pink has kindly offered to pay for the first three paddling sessions for people who have been directly affected by breast cancer, and our members can advise you about this.  If you then decide to join as a member you can pay 10 monthly instalments of £15, or pay the full season’s registration fee of £150 up front. Non-club members pay £10 per session. These fees cover all necessary equipment, training by qualified coaches and tea and scones afterwards! Payment can be made by cheque, direct debit or BACS transfer.

It’s as simple as that!